“Ma piau, ma piau”

How much can one earns by selling “ma piau”? Basically, what I mean here is selling a piece of paper containing the lottery results. Normally, the seller / distributor will try to obtain the results and re-write the result into a piece of paper, thereafter, to send it for duplication (photostating). Well, where to get the results? Easy! They can simply get it by purchasing a night press.

The incident took place in Taman Medan whereby my husband stopped his car by the road side. Nope, he’s not trying to get a copy of it….we are actually planning to buy some jackfruit. Coincidently, the “ma piau” distributor is just in front of our car. He got there by bike which is nicely parked on the road curb.

My husband walked to the “illegally set-up” jackfruit stall about 200 metres away. I did not move a step as I choose to stay in the car. In my mind, I was wondering whether the “ma piau” distributor will get a business by distributing “ma piau” paper. Sub-consciously, I started to count the numbers of people that stop by to purchase his “ma piau”. Within 10 minutes, there are already 12 people making the purchase. I was shocked by the response! Each piece of “ma piau” was sold at RM0.20 per piece. It was only 8.27pm at night and I am wondering how much the distributor is able to earn throughout the night.

Assuming that the cost of photostating is RM0.10 per A4 paper, a copy of “ma piau” in A5 size is RM0.05 per piece. The distributor will make RM0.15 per piece of “ma piau” sold. Based on the situation and response, I believe he can simply sell off 100 to 200 pieces of “ma piau” within an hour or two. That gains him a profit of RM30.00. Well, do you consider this as a good business? It all depends, if you are having free time at night, who wants to reject “free” money?